Prepping for a New Desk

A while ago on Christmas, I got a new desk. But now it is time for an upgrade.

First of all, just look at how messy it is!


I really need to clean it up and get rid of stuff. Most of the stuff on the side is garbage except for the calculator, jar of change, and various unfinished Lego cars. To make it easier, my sister from Hannah’s Hot Mess made several boxes for school supplies, keep, trash, recycle, and stuff I don’t know what to do with.

Picture1 box

Once I was done, I took all of the stuff that is staying on my desk to its future location. My bedroom. I have a couple black boxes that I put notebooks in and brought up basic office supplies. I probably have enough room for a couple of pencil holders and maybe a small drawer.

Picture1 desk

Once I finished all of that, my desk looked bare. Which is exactly what I wanted. Now all I need to do is make finishing touches to it, build the new desk and install it. I plan to have the new desk in this nook in my room. It won’t have legs but be attached at the walls. This will allow for a comfy simple desk. Next time, I will getting into the construction of my desk.

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