3 Minecraft Game Ideas

Sorry about the late post. There were some technical difficulties that said my post saved and posted, but did not. Anyways, on to the post.

In the beginning of Minecraft, players mine, gather resources, fight mobs, and defeat bosses. After that, it can get monotonous improving your house with a vibrating bathtub. Who wants to endlessly place blocks, and for what? So you can have a super cool house? That is boring. I have 3 ways to spruce up your Minecrafting experience.

1.Battle world

It gets tiring reaping havoc on those villages.


You need someone to fight back. Gather some friends and build cannons to your heart’s content. At the end, battle it out.

2015-08-10_13.41.17 2015-08-10_13.43.42

Find the winner and do it again! My sister and I are in a battle world right now. She is from Hannah’s Hot Mess, and posts some pretty cool stuff. You should go check it out. But she thinks she can beat me. Little does she know, that I have the capabilities to level her entire base with the press of one button.

2015-08-10_13.46.05 2015-08-10_13.52.17

2.Cops and Robbers

A lot of people have heard of this game but you can make your own rules and map. Build a huge prison with cells, showers, and recreational room!

2015-08-10_13.48.08 2015-08-10_13.48.54

But the only way for the prisoners to win is if they escape. What secrets will you put in your base? I had a friend over recently and we both stuffed it full of secrets and traps. After that we played a round or two and it was awesome. Every round had a different daily routine so it wasn’t the same.

3.Quick Builds

This is probably the easiest, yet still as fun as the others. It is pretty self explanatory. Someone chooses a topic, you set the time, and build. At the end, someone is the judge and chooses who wins. The winner could get a golden trophy, free hot tub, or even build a hall of fame. In my build world, I have an arena that has two spots divided by a huge wall.


Once both players are done, the walls come down, and the judging begins. But one thing that makes my arena special is the random choosing. Someone shoots an arrow at a board covered in buttons that tell you a random topic.


If you haven’t already done so, please like and subscribe. Comment below your favorite game. Thank you all for reading and I hope to see you in the next post!


2 thoughts on “3 Minecraft Game Ideas

  1. These are such creative ideas! I especially love the how you built the topic choosing part of the quick build arena!

    { hannahshotmess.wordpress.com }


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